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  • Publisher: Rodale, Inc.
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 666-2206
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 1220
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Organic Gardening Magazine

How well do your veggies and herbs grow in your garden? They might grow even better and taste more delicious if you follow the advice in Organic Gardening. This magazine has all you need to grow bigger, better, more healthy vegetables and flowers all without using chemicals. Landscaping ideas, craft projects, equipment, and food preservation and preparation articles round out the comprehensive coverage.

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Organic Gardeners Dream Resource - By Old Organic Gardener


Where can an organic gardener find guidance , advice, and directions for projects from people who have "been there , done that" ? From experts in the organic movement dating back to the seventies, you will be delighted each month when your magazine arrives! A perfect size magazine with beautiful cover pages that inspire even non gardeners to "have That"! But it's the inside content that really teaches the willing how to be one with the Earth! Fruit, vegetables, garden designs, compost, perennials, annuals, flowers galore, you name it; it can be done organically! And Organic Gardening Magazine will take there with a smile on you face, dirt on your hands and contentment in your heart! How do I know this? Twenty-nine years ago my first OG magazine arrived in my mail box; it's been a life changing love affair ever since! Now I'm a Master Gardener and give back what others have taught me every chance I can. One of the greatest gifts I give is the knowledge that there is a OG Magazine! Thank you Organic Gardening Magazine for knowledge, passion and caring about the Earth and gardeners!