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Outdoor Life Magazine

Outdoor Life is an outdoors magazine that has been a leading publication in its category ever since its launch back in 1898. Founded by J.A. McGuire in Denver, Colorado, the magazine's intention was to be a magazine for sportsmen, written by sportsman, and to touch on all topics of the outdoors lifestyle. Every full-color issue contains photographs of and information on fishing, boating, hunting, aviation, motor vehicles, and more. Outdoor Life provides the most up-to-date tips and techniques pertaining to all outdoor sports, and lists reviewed testing of the newest gear and equipment. Over its 100+ years of publication, Outdoor Life has been dedicated to keeping up with the changing times and advancing technology in order to ensure the delivery of a relevant and desired publication.

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Publication Rating

EBSCO - By Jim


I love this mag!

Publication Rating

Minor Mixup - By Chris


I've been a subscriber for more years than I can remember. I'm always looking for the next issue. Keep up the good work Chris

Publication Rating

Great all-around outdoors magazine - By Laney


I recently bought a subscription to Outdoor Life as a gift for my son, and he is absolutely thrilled with its content. This magazine is dedicated to providing general and all-around information on topics such as hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, and conserving our beloved nature. Outdoor Life always delivers fresh information in their articles, and on topics that I believe are important and useful for my son to learn about concerning our outdoor world. I gave Outdoor Life five stars!

Publication Rating

The best of the best - By Jim


I love this magazine. When I can't actually be out there in the wild outdoors, I just lay on a comfy couch and get lost in the adventure stories. They are so well-written that you find yourself caught up in them, forgetting where you are and all of your real-life worries. Forget about the big city, with cars and high-rise buildings and nature-destroying fuel and emissions. Outdoor Life presents the phenomenon of natural life as it was meant to be in its most simple and beautiful form. I feel like I'm back 50 years as a kid in Chappell Nebraska, running around pheasant huntin was the highlight of the winter. I look forward to many more issues to come.

Publication Rating

Letter to the editor - By Daleh462001


Your mag is very imformative. I Really like it. In regard to a letter to the editor in the November 2008 issue about chigger bites, I am origally from Mo.When I was a kid and got ate up from chiggers My Mother alway made me take a bath in vinegar. Over the years I found it also help with "zete" bites and body order. Three cups of vinegar in batth water does the trick.