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Quick Facts:
  • Publisher: Meredith Corporation
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 374-4244
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 1260
  • Magazine-Agent.com Sales Rank: 375
  • Website: Parents

Parents Magazine

American’s leading family magazine for parents offering proven tips, sure-fire techniques and straightforward advice form America’s foremost childcare experts.

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Publication Rating

helpful and fun - By flmommy


As a single mother I subscribed to this and two other baby magazines for helpful information and this by far was the most informative, entertaining, and well laid out magazine. I enjoy every part of it and look forward to receiving it in the mail every month.

Publication Rating

Medias impacts - By dan


I love this magazine! The first time i saw it i thought it would be like and baby book but i was so wrong. Yes is if informitive but also very entertaining. There are many storys and it iss garrentee to find somthing you or your children you relate to! latly i have been looking for articals on how media impacts my children when www.ratingfisher.com was recommended to me. overall this magazine is both funny and informitive with a great and helpfull staff. thanks again Parents!

Publication Rating

Worth It Just For The Funny Stories! - By Michael


We first found this magazine at our obstetrician's office when we were expecting our first child. We fell in love with the magazine, and have subscribed for almost three years now. Our subscription is paid up for the next six years. That's how much we love it! The articles are great, although I've actually used BabyCenter.com more for researching specific issues. With them, you can get newsletters that are appropriate for the ages of your children. That's impossible with a printed magazine. Still, they do a great job of covering stuff for kids of all ages in each issue. What sells this magazine for me, though, is the stories that people write in about the funny things their kids do and say. There are two different sections with this, and it's absolutely hilarious!