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Peta Animal Times

This magazine is quite informative and has great articles for animal lovers, as well as resources for finding animal-friendly products and recipes. It reports on a wide variety of animal rights issues from their treatment in laboratories to how they are treated in factory farms.

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Publication Rating

Animal Times - By linds415


I love this magazine. It's eye-opening and life changing. I strongly recommend it to all animal lovers. In the past year my life has changed drastically and I couldnt be prouder. I give a majority of the credit to PETA and their amazing Animal Times magazine.

Publication Rating

animals matter - By Anika****************************************************


Animal Times is an informative magazine which shows care and concern for the many crimes committed against animals. The AT does a good service to animals injured and forgotten by the system in which they exist. AT has its imperfections but it should be noted that it has exposed the worst of the indignities and tortuous cruelties in a for profit driven animal assembly line food production line. The glossy pictures and recipes are colourful and bright. Also the positive suggestions on ways to help correct the terrible wrongs done to innocent animals.