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Popular Hot Rodding Magazine

We know how you take pride in you classic hot rod, and we know how important she can be. So subscribe to Popular Hot Rodding and get all the information you need. Popular Hot Rodding has it all, from great photography to do-it-yourself articles that help you maintain and improve your hot rod.

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Popular Hot Rodding Review - By Mr. Fried


Handling cars is the essence of my livelihood, as it is my occupation. I am a mechanic and have subscribed to Popular Hot Rodding for many years for the magazine's consistent emphasis on accessories, replacement parts and new products. I also love the do-it-yourself information so that people who have an interest in car-repair can learn the tricks of the trade in their own garage.

Publication Rating

Awesome cars - By Jimbo


As a beginner to drag racing, Popular Hot Rodding has given me all of the useful information I need to become a more advanced racer and just become more knowledgable about everything in general. I feel like I'm ahead of the game and other racers with every issue I read of Popular Hot Rodding. While it obviously has an emphasis on performance, I like that this magazine covers so many awesome classic and muscle cars with depth. A definite must-have for those interested in the sport and experienced racers alike.