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Quick Facts:
  • Publisher: Bonnier
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 289-9399
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 1370
  • Magazine-Agent.com Sales Rank: 12
  • Website: Popular Science

Popular Science Magazine

Popular Science is the "What's New" magazine of modern science and technology. Each issue covers the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications, tools, energy, aviation, science, space exploration, and much more.

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Publication Rating

Must Read - By Doc D


I have received this since before I was a pre-teen - now over 30 years. I have read every type of magazine while I have continually kept my subscription to Popular Science. This is one of those magazines you never get tied of over a lifetime. Get it and read it!

Publication Rating

***This is the Greatest Magazine**** - By Daniel


This magazine is very nice.....My son likes this magazine so much, he brought a surprise subscription for his father.... They have us as a customer for a long time..... We look forward and are excited every month to see the new articles...

Publication Rating

Great Technology Magazine for Young and Old - By Shawn


I have been reading Popular Science for almost 10 years, and each year, I continue to enjoy it even more. The articles in every area of the magazine are extremely informative and provide just the right amount of science without confusing or alienating the reader. The How 2.0 section is quickly becoming my favorite, as the great in-depth articles on doing things yourself is great. The Megapixels section has some of the most amazing photos I'll never see for myself. Truly a great magazine for everyone from a high-school student to a retired garage tinkerer. Pair this up with Popular Mechanics (as I always have) and you have the one-two combo that keeps you in the technology loop.

Publication Rating

really nice - By v


this is a really nice magazine and provides me with a lot of nice info.

Publication Rating

Bugatti Veyron article: exceptional. - By Julian


Popular magazine always has interesting information about new technology in day-to-day items. However, being a kid, I would never actually sit down and read it, but it is great to use its articles in projects (using a bibliography of course). Anyways, the Bugatti Veyron article well expresses its point in an interesting topic on "the fastest production car." Though my physics background helped me comprehend car cylinders, Its use of pictures and diagrams, mixed with text allowed me to easily add on to my prior knowledge.