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Other Quilt Reviews

Well-Written Patterns - By Sandy


I love the way Quilt's patterns are written with numbered steps. The patterns are easily broken down to follow. Quilt's photos are bright and their patterns are exciting. Nothing boring about them. They use modern fabrics that inspire creativity.

The best magazine on the market today. - By quiltaholic


Quilt magazine is the best on the market today. I have been quilting for 12 years and have won ribbons on the local level. This magaine has more info for todays quilters, then any other. F&P bores me to distraction with the same old stuff. Canceled them long ago.

The best yet. - By Quiltaholic


This is the best quilt magazine on the market. It is the one that I look for first. It's easy to read, and it is not confusing to look at. The articles and photos are not "busy". They are pleasig to the eye. It's my first choice. Love it. Emily Adair