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  • Publisher: Hearst Magazines
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 888-0008
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Redbook Magazine

For nearly 100 years, Redbook has been providing young women with timely and relevant advice, and it's even more true today for its readership of active working mothers ages 25 to 44. Non-fiction articles explore social issues, parenting, sex, marriage, money, health and psychology while book excerpts and short stories from today's best writers inspire and entertain.

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Publication Rating

A magazine for young mothers - By Sharie


If you are a wife, mother, and or a career lady, this book will give you something to make your day better. They have tips for skin and make-up, tips for home, relationship tips, and health issues. If you only read one magazine, this is the one that covers it all.

Publication Rating

always interesting - By Tess F


Targeting their focus on young mothers who try to "do it all" RB has come along way from it's beginnings and now branches out into different directions. They still have beauty sections and fashion advice but they also now have articles on things like keeping your husband happy and women's health issues. The super-mom breed will find this magazine full of great ideas for all areas of your life. Always insightful and generally well rounded, RB's content is diverse and well presented. I love this magazine for all the various topic's they cover and I just lose myself in it as soon as it arrives. RB is great!