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Country Extra
Country Extra 7 Issues: $17.98 Save 35%
American Frontiersman
American Frontiersman 2 Issues: $12.00
The New Pioneer
The New Pioneer 4 Issues: $27.97 Save 29%
Modern Farmer
Subscribe Now 4 Issues / 1 Year Cover Price: $31.96 Our Price: $19.95 You Save 37%
Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer is a quarterly magazine devoted to the people, policy, issues, animals, plants and technology of farming and food.

The New Pioneer
Subscribe Now 4 Issues / 1 Year Cover Price: $39.80 Our Price: $27.97 You Save 29%
The New Pioneer

New Pioneer is your guide to enjoying everything the land has to offer. Come along with us as we celebrate each season, share new ways to reduce our carbon footprints, and trade tips on cultivation, natural pest control, maintaining our homes and tools,... Read More

American Frontiersman
Subscribe Now 2 Issues / 1 Year Cover Price: $12.00 Our Price: $12.00
American Frontiersman

The quintessential frontiersmen were those imbued with the new “American Spirit” who pushed the envelope, and the frontier, from one ocean to the other as they brought to its finest form, what we call the art and science of frontiersmanship. This spirit... Read More

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