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Blouin Lifestyle
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Blouin Lifestyle

Blouin Lifestyle Magazine, where Luxury meets Art. Blouin Lifestyle is a new exciting initiative in luxury lifestyle publishing: a magazine for affluent buyers and collectors of art, jewelry, fashion, motor cars, watches and wine; blended with luxury... Read More

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The Local Palate is the South’s premiere food culture publication; a unique blend of culinary history and Southern hospitality, indigenous ingredients, and world class chefs. The Local Palate celebrates people, reveals processes, shares recipes, and... Read More

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SPRINGS is THE city and lifestyle magazine for Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region, covering outdoors, arts, entertainment, food and drink and more.

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Lonely Planet Magazine features: · Up-to-date, spot-on guides for experiencing the world’s most incredible destinations. · Vivid descriptions and beautiful photographs of domestic sites and far-flung adventures way off the beaten... Read More

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Guitar Aficionado Guitar Aficionado is the first magazine to celebrate the luxury lifestyle using a timeless icon, the guitar, as the common passion point. The sophisticated design and authoritative editorial on diverse topics such as investing, fine wines and spirits,... Read More