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Savage magazine is for the true alternative individual, looking for people to share their unique interests with. This publication exhibits extreme forms of body art, particularly piercings and tattoos, through full-color and detailed photographs. Every issue offers special feature stories, profiles, and regular departments subjected on unconventional themes such as Gothicism and pleasurable torture. From an artistic standpoint, Savage magazine provides vibrant pictures on nearly every page, showing multiple views of the tattoo or piercing as to offer the full meaning and intention of the image. The magazine delves into the history, style, and techniques of the visionary masters of this genre, which readers can use as inspiration or pure entertainment. Savage magazine is for someone who likes to take a walk on the wild side, and who thrives on living life like a roller coaster.

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savage or not to savage - By chris


i say we should all savage. savage magazine is the best magazine as far as tattoo magazines go.thanks for the time you put into your work to bring our work to the public,hats off to you all.

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I could'nt live without it! - By gypsie_lea


I believe Savage is by far the best tattoo and piercing magazine out today!! Savage always covers the best in the body mod world. Savage is a wonderful source of info. on the newest ideas out there. Keep up the great work!