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  • Publisher: Meredith Corporation
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Other Scrapbooks Etc. Reviews

Scrapbooks Etc. Rocks - By ScrappinNChattin


Scrapbooks Etc. is the first magazine I buy before I see anything else! The layouts and sketches are wonderful for any new beginner, simply because they put the dimensions of the photo on the sketch. You can change this layout simply by changing the pattern paper used to make it for boy or girl..think outside the box and that is what you have with Scrapbook Etc. Bring it on 2011 Scrapbook Etc. you so rock!

Lack of Ideas for Boys - By SarahBell


Even though the magazine has a lot to offer, I was disappointed in the lack of ideas, stickers, accessories for boys. There are plenty of flowers, ribbons, frills, etc. for girls but I am stumped on other concepts for boys. I am frustrated even when scrapbook store employees "dread when us moms request ideas for boys." There just isn't that much offered.