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  • Publisher: The Enthusiast Network
  • Customer Service Number: (877) 388-7761
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 4418
  • Sales Rank: 316
  • Website: Shutterbug

Shutterbug Magazine

Shutterbug is the number one information and buying source for serious photographers today. Each jumbo (10"x13") issue is filled with useful articles on photo equipment and techniques. Columns include studio pro, weddings & portraits, travelog, darkroom techniques, Shutterbug basics and more.

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Great photography mag - By Melly


I have been extremely pleased with my decision to subscribe to Shutterbug. Not only does a one-year subscription cost as much as about just 3 issues at newsstand price, but the quality of the magazine trumps a lot of other photo publications I have read. Every issue is always filled with tons of shooting tips with coverage of techniques and camera equipment that has made me a better photographer. Shutterbug is written for intermediate to professional photographers, but I think it's really for all levels. The articles don't read in a way that is confusing or excessively wordy. Plus anyone, no matter whether you would call yourself a photographer or just someone interested in a buying a good camera and taking decent photos, would find the reviews extremely helpful and valuable. Shutterbug keeps me in the loop on the latest and best stuff in photography. The layout is awesome and very organized, with tips accompanied by relevant products to make your selection that much easier. news or products for photography-minded individuals. I always read Shutterbug cover to cover and haven't been anything but satisfied.