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Simple Grace

A digest-size monthly magazine and devotional in one, Simple Grace was developed with the Christian woman in mind and offers readers a daily dose of hope. The daily devotional readings are accompanied by inspiring real-life stories, a Christian entertainment guide and interviews with Christian authors, artists, and celebrities.

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Publication Rating

Best Magazine Ever - By Wendy


If you have not read this magazine you are missing out on one of the best magazines that honors God and Christian living. I love it and plan on being a subscriber for many years to come. Try it! You will not be disappointed. Blessings

Publication Rating

You and others will be blessed - By Maria Crawford


I cannot stop gushing about this magazine, I have the March copy and I am truly astonished how this book has blessed me with the Love of God. I find myself swept away by the devotionals, each day truly enhances my bible reading and just my fellowship with God it allows me to have pure and open fellowship with other people that I come in contact with. I am truly thankful for this magazine and all it contributors. Prayers are that others will find as much joy and contentment within it's pages. Maria P.S. there are not enough stars to properly rate this magazine.

Publication Rating

Simple Grace - By Luann


Simple Grace has helped me unravel much of the discomfort in my own life and I greatly appreciate the writers of this magazine and their wisdom.

Publication Rating

- By Tannah bow wow


Wow so powerful and anointed.....can't begin to describe the difference this little magazine has made in my life.......I'm telling everyone about it...AMAZING.....I'm going to buy subscriptions for all my family and friends....GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE A PART IN THIS...."Well done thy good and faithful servants"..............Mary Ann in Cold Vermont