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Soap Opera Digest Magazine

Do you want to keep up with the daily soaps even if you can't always watch them? Soap Opera Digest comes to the rescue. Plot and character synopses of every daytime and prime time serials let you keep abreast of the goings-on at General Hospital and elsewhere. Issues also feature late-breaking news, interviews, story previews and event coverage.

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Publication Rating

An Affair to Remember - By Sandy M.


Kudos to Days for the excellent writing. I liked Stefano and Kate together, but now that they're apart, wouldn't it be shocking if Kate had an illicit affair with none other than Chad?! What a boost that would be for the show - an older beautiful woman with a younger handsome man (and Stefano's son, no less)! Turn up the heat, Days!

Publication Rating

Y & R will NEVER be the same!!! - By Trisha


I can't believe Y&R didn't fight harder to keep Eric Braden (Victor)!! Victor Newman and Catherine Chancellor are the HEART AND SOUL of Y&R!! After 30 years of commiting to Y & R, I baffles me how they could let this happen! I no longer have any interest in watching Y & R, due to Victor's departure, in addition to the Adam Newman story line - will he (Adam) ever get what's coming to him?

Publication Rating

Otalia on the cover - By Mari


Thanks for putting the Olivia/Natalia story on the cover! This story's quality goes beyond anything I have ever seen on a soap----more coverage would be appreciated!

Publication Rating

Fun to look forward to ! - By Jan


I love the Soap Opera Digest ! It includes all of the shows that I watch. I really look forward to it, as I am in a re-cuperative time now.(And,Oh.. I could definitely write my own personal Soap Opera.) but, I'll stick to the mag. for now..Keep up the great work on all of our favs ! I would like to see a little more critique on a few people, who are ticking me off! They are great actors, evidently, but I'm losing respect for a few characters that I loved. Brook is showing a little of her feistiness, but still comes off as a ditz with that ever empty stare, when she is thinking, or whatever she does, when she seems to be at a loss for words.That is so old!!! Then there is Ridge. Please!! What everyday woman would, much less a rich hot babe, put up with him? He's an eternal MaMa'a boy and a lout!But, I'll keep reading! Keep up the good work..Jan