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Tactical Knives Magazine

Tactical Knives is the first cutlery magazine to be directly focused on those who actually carry and use knives. Covers and reviews knives for hunting, hiking, canoeing, wilderness survival, street defense and military combat among other topics. Tactical Knives is the magazine for knife users wanting the best in field gear and who know they can trust TK's opinions to point them in the right direction.

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Publication Rating

Great Magazine - By Steve


Tactical Knives is a great magazine for the knife enthusiast to keep abreast of current tactical knife issues. The content is not lacking in any manner.

Publication Rating

From a Grateful Old Ranger - By Rangerbarry


I've subscribed since Tactical Knives magazine first started. I really don't know of any other way of keeping up with what the "militarily bladed" portion of society is using these days. I'm like a kid at Christmas when Tactical Knives comes in the mail. The knife is the most basic tool of man and I love to watch it's evolution through your magazine!

Publication Rating

Blader4Life - By Blader


Perfect book for my hobby, buying the best blade, whenever. Starting to collect new models because of some of the references given by the editor.