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  • Publisher: Paisano Publications, LLC.
  • Customer Service Number: (800) 873-9110
  • Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 2475
  • Sales Rank: 309
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Tattoo Magazine

The World's Best Selling Tattoo Magazine. Here's a look at the most exquisite examples of skin art you'll see anywhere. Each monthly issue takes you on a tour of fascinating illustrated people from around the globe. Meet top international ink slingers and their living canvasses. Explore close-up in-the-flesh examples of all tat styles- biker, traditional, military, Oriental, blackwork, neotribal, full-blown custom- it's all here.

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Publication Rating

Just lookin around - By Jen530


Doin' a good job!

Publication Rating

StiKr in the flesh - By Petty


I enjoy the articles, the pics, like it's been said,"you can keep in touch with other artists and info." I learn alot from others commentary and/or opinions. What ink they like, who's needles are the best, what's new. Clients also like reading them while their getting worked on, even helps them relax, I think..

Publication Rating

you know it - By irie one


Tattoo mag along with it's other two titles....well if you're reading this know it has a plethra of viewing and reading enjoyment! Artists like myself get inspirition and outlooks on the media....Keep up the good work magazine makers you!

Publication Rating

begginer tatoo artist - By blackboy


Tatoo magazine is like a rush if you're interested in getting or doing tatoos. You get an up to date all around view on the latest in tattoing. You get different websites and other stuff to keep you up on the tatoo game. So it is a wonderful way to stay on top or get started tattoing.

Publication Rating

Got Ink? - By Tam's Tat's


This is a wonderful magazine. I have learned alot from this and have been educated on all aspect's of tattooing. I have several tattoo's myself. I would love to go to the convention's seen in here as it show's everyone having a great time and getting tattooed from some of the best tattoo artist's. This is a magazine that I would not stop getting a subscription to. It show's some of the greatest tattoo shops around the world. So if you are thinking of getting into this magazine, then you should. You will not be dissapointed.