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Antiques Magazine

Since its founding 75 years ago, The Magazine Antiques has been recognized as the authority by serious collectors, dealers, museums and other consumers who simply have an interest in gaining knowledge and insight about fine art and antiques.

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Antiques Magazine still at the top - By bubba


Antiques Magazine is still the number 1 publication providing in depth information about world wide Antiques of note, with numerous articles worth keeping for future reference about subjects that were deemed worthwhile over 100 years ago, on up to articles on the cutting edge of design and desirability of objects created just a few decades ago. Ever changing in depth and always filled with high quality images, you may not find articles of interest to yourself in each issue, but you surely will find many throughout the year that are about subjects you are interested in and also others that will enlighten you on new paths of interest. Many of the articles pertain to current exhibitions which when visited, will provide even more information and examples to further enlighten the viewer.