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The Perfect Vision

The magazine of high performance home theater. Covering major facets of the home entertainment arena: video (rear & front projection TV, DVD players), audio (speakers, digital power amplifiers), emerging technologies, digital processing, film and DVD reviews. BUYER'S GUIDE in every issue. Key interviews with entertainment and film dignitaries.

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An absolute requirement for HDTV consumers - By DelsFan


For an absolute minimal investment, you get 12 months of information you can get no where else. Common advice to people in the market for an HDTV is "go to the store and look for yourself, your eyes are the ones that need to be satisfied". The same goes for surround speaker systems. Only one problem: the televisions in the store are set to their absolute brightest mode to look good under fluorescent lighting - they look nothing like what they will look like in your home. And, they are otherwise calibrated poorly - to dazzle you in the store. There is virtually no way to compare two television sets in a store in an environment similar to yours, or with settings that show the strengths or deficiencies of any particular set. My advice: read The Perfect Vision and make a confident purchase based upon their viewing experience. As for speaker systems, the same holds true. You cannot compare them in anything resembling a decent environment, the reviewers at The Perfect Vision can. If nothing else (and if you live in a city large enough to have dealers carrying good brands of speakers) you can narrow your choices down to two or three "can't miss" speaker systems and then listen and look and pick one of the "good" systems - maybe because, in the end, your wife likes the looks. Or a particular system has a better efficiency to go with your old amp (that you might replace, but not now...). When it comes to televisions and speaker systems and a/v receivers, you can hardly go wrong with recommendations from The Perfect Vision - and you will almost certainly go wrong with your impressions from the big box store.