We're sorry, but The Trail Rider is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

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The Trail Rider

Trail Rider's information source, editorial stories, ads, Ride directory and much more.

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Publication Rating

best mag on the market - By ILrider


I subscribed many years ago but like to rotate my subscriptions to various different horse magazines. When I resubscribed to TR magazine, I vowed to never let another year pass without renewing. If you're a trailrider, then you can't pass up this great magazine. It's the best I've come across, and I've tried them all over the years. TR.....keep up the great work!

Publication Rating

The Best for the serious trail rider! - By Roanhorse


If I had to pick one magazine, this would be it! This is a must-have for the serious trail rider!

Publication Rating

Kicks BUTT - By jordi t. klementovich


this MAG kicks butt.....

Publication Rating

My favorite magazine ever! - By Lou


I picked up my first Trail Rider Magazine at the first Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Mass. I was hooked. I live in the hills of Steuben in New York State and ride the trails as often as possible. I enjoy reading about others who ride just to be one with the horse, as I do. Your magazine covers everything about trail riding and I read it from cover to cover when it arrives. I may never ride in other States, but I can dream about it and live it through the Trail Rider. I have given it as a gift and my friends now subscribe for themselves. I hope to meet Ben and Vanessa on the trails sometime at Otter Creek and invite them down to our place to see our beautiful scenery. His articles are great.We are also big fans of Tom Seay and Garth Rumsmoke. I just love it all and my husband knows not to bother me untill I finish the whole magazine. THANK YOU for a great magazine and keep up the good work. Lou

Publication Rating

best trail horse magazine I've read! - By kybutlers


The Trail Rider is an excellent magazine. There is something in there for any type of off-road horseperson. You can find information from Alaska, to Hawaii.... California to New York! There isn't any state that a person might live in or want to go to that isn't covered extensively in this magazine! I love it! It is my favorite! And I can read about Tom Seay from Best of America by Horseback! Get a copy today and enjoy some trails near you!