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Week Magazine

THE WEEK is a spirited newsweekly that distills the best of news, opinions, and ideas from the U.S. and international media. THE WEEK's format is straightforward yet information packed. It's focus is broad: news, health, books, film, the arts and more, covering the entire political waterfront.

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Publication Rating

Objectivity A+ - By All Points


Readers get a wonderful sample of major points made on any topic by major sources (journalists, analysts, various experts, politicians) which ultimately yeilds objectivity, lack of biased coverage, if you read them all. A+ on that one! Another great feature is world and USA maps included in each issue with arrows pointing to the spots where news events occurred. In addition to news events and commentaries there are book reviews, best TV shows and movies of the week, best in drama and art and music and the like. All is concise and easily read and yes, you can be done in an hour many times.

Publication Rating

Little time to read the news? - By Magscanner


I can't think of a better source of world news if you have little time to read it. The train? The john? Just before turning out the light? In less than an hour you can bring yourself up to date on world and national news, including both sides of any merited argument. There is nothing else nearly like it despite the fact that the classic news mags are trying their best to emulate it.

Publication Rating

Ideal for smart, super busy folks - By Busy One


I think of "The Week" as a great and concise collection of Newsweek, Time, New Yorker, People, and other magazines all in one. If you have no time to read and catch up on US and world affairs, plus what's happening on the film, books, and celebrity front, then this is the magazine for you. Even if you do have time to access other sources, you'll still learn something new with "The Week". Worth every dollar!

Publication Rating

A Home Run - By limodriver


I have been searching for a source that would give me a unbiased view of the weeks issues. The Week hits a home run week after week. This is the the real deal.

Publication Rating

Great, Balanced Weekly Magazine! - By Michael


With most weekly magazines, there's a very obvious liberal bias. Not with The Week. It's incredibly well balanced. If anything, it has a very slight conservative bias. It covers a good variety of stories and subjects every week, in a very concise way. I'm a news junkie, so I normally know much of the news by the time I get it, but I always learn more from The Week. The Cartoons are always great. I love political cartoons, and they always have a page full of them from the previous week. Political cartoons always seem to capture the essence of what is going on so well. This is the one weekly magazine I read every week.