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THIS is what a Video-game Magazine Should Be! - By darkhorse_gmr


Game magazines are all the same... EXCEPT THIS ONE! Wow, at least one magazine figured-out that we are not all complete drones. Tips&Tricks gives you professional gaming tips that YOU can actually use, and then hits you with wacky stuff that you just don't see elsewhere. In the "Internet Age", this is the only game magazine that makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth. Helfpful game strategies and tons of cheat codes got me interested initially - but, the cool previews and reviews set in quirky columns are what keeps this magazine on my coffee table all month long. Instead of wasting my time trying to show me how clever they are (which is all you get from those other rags), this magazine constantly teaches me a bunch of fun stuff that I just wouldn't know otherwise... So I can be clever.. or whatever... Tips&Tricks is da bom!