We're sorry, but Today's Christian Woman is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

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Today's Christian Woman

This publication is designed for Christian women of all ages, both single and married, career women and stay-at-home moms. Today's Christian Woman includes inspirational pieces about relationships, marriage, parenting, spiritual life, work, family, health and friendship articles that all give insights into living a devout life.

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Publication Rating

Today's Christian Woman - By Jerry


I am so sorry to hear you are no longer printing this. This was my favorite. I have been looking for this, I am really sorry. It has been such an inspiration to so many. Wish you would bring it back.

Publication Rating

Please bring this magazine back. - By Appleredds


Oustanding magazine. So disappointed that I will not be receiving it anymore. I looked forward to it everyday. Please, GOD willing bring it back.

Publication Rating

No longer in publication - By Carolyn


I am so shocked and saddened to find that this magazine is no longer in publication. I am not a big magazine reader, but read every single article, word, and advertisement in TCW. It is a wonderful publication!

Publication Rating

President of a manufacturing company - By Sue


I am totally disappointed that I will no longer be receiving Today's Christian Woman magazine. I know times are tough, but this will be a great loss. I have enjoyed this magazine for many years and have odered it for my daughter, my friends, and my business aquaintances. They love the magazine as well and look forward to the subscription every year. I pray that this magazine will come back into publication. Thank you for all the stories and encouraging articles in the past. I'm so sorry that it has come to this. Thanks Again, Sue

Publication Rating

My first issue - By dIANE


I was so happy to get my subscription of Today'sChristian Womens magazine and so happy to see a beautiful black women like myself on the cover that i kissed the cover.This is the kind of magazine every christian women needs.Thank-You.Diane