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Traditional Home Magazine

Tasteful, timeless designs never go out of style, as this magazine celebrates. Traditional styles in home decorating, furnishings and gardens are displayed through beautiful photographs and descriptive reports.

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Publication Rating

May 2000 issue "I loathe/love computers" - By Audrey


I am an avid reader of TH, I also loathe getting rid of past magazines as I often reread old articles and recipes. A few weeks ago I reread the article "I loathe /love computers". I had to smile. I wonder what Fran Lebowitz's thoughts are today?

Publication Rating

You made my dream home come true - By Toby


When I was finally able to buy the home of my dreams four years ago, the furnishings I had lived with for years looked pitiful in my new great room, bedroom, and library. Out came all my treasured issues of Traditional Home, and the ideas started to flow. Now, everyone tells me what a beautiful, classy home I have, and I tell them to check out Traditional Home for all their decorating projects. I never throw an issue away - I take them out for reference and ideas depending on the project I'm currently working on. You guys are definitely the very best!

Publication Rating

Classy Home Decorating - By Leona


When my husband and I bought our first house together, we subscribed to nearly every interior design and home decor magazine on the market. Traditional Home was our favorite and most useful by a long stretch! The style and feel of the magazine's ideas are so classy and upscale. For our main rooms, such as the dining room and family room, Traditional Home is solely responsible for their high-quality end result. We have since this time continued our subscription and also continue to update our home's design with the magazine's wonderfully fresh content in every issue. I always recommend Traditional Home to others!

Publication Rating

Finally, realistic home design - By Desi101


Traditional Home's mix of class, elegance and modernity makes for impeccable style. Best of all, this is not a magazine that gives you a bunch of products to lust over. I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) that the suggested decor items are actually reasonably priced and totally accessible for any type of home or lifestyle. Thanks to Traditional Home, my dream of living in a chic, stylish home is now a reality! The magazine covers mainstream decorating and architecture, PLUS articles related to entertainment and travel. Traditional Home really has it all for the home decor-minded individual. What a relatable and enjoyable treat!

Publication Rating

Wonderful, wonderful!!! - By Maurzie


Dear Traditional Home Magazine, Having been a subscriber to Traditional Home Magazine for quite a number of years, with my current subscription expiring in 2015, I couldn't dream of being without an issue. Unfortunately, I had to give away some of my older issues, just too many, and believe me it wasn't easy. Every issue is full of great information and beautiful pictures of rooms that anyone would want to have. I do have one request, so ofter I love a color paint on the walls of a room and wish that you would be able to include the brand and color of the paint in your article. I just cannot say enough about Traditional Home Magizine and I am always waiting for the new issue to be delivered. Please continue with the quality of your magazine. Sincerely, Maureen Fery