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True Story

True Story is an extraordinary publications that gets its inspiration from the hearts and minds of American women, as it reads just like a woman's diary. Every issue of the magazine is an emotional journey filled with actual testaments of the ups and downs that every woman experiences. The articles in True Story touch on those things in life that a woman holds close to heart, such as love, loss, family, and friendship. The magazine is truly a survival guide for any woman who wants to feel like she is not alone in her triumphs and defeats. You can simply indulge in the lives of others, or you can even submit your own true story to share an experience or lesson learned. This magazine is an account of ordinary women facing life and holding nothing back.

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True Story - By Betty


I love to read true story. I can relate to most of the stories featured in this great magazine.

Publication Rating

A wonderful magazine - By Dorothy from grammology


While waiting for my husband in surgery I had the opportunity to read several of your older magazines and each one intrigued me more. What you don't know is I'm 63 and an avid blogger with a blog and I write all the time. Therefore it was so refreshing to read articles from real and average people, stories and not deal with a magazine that is half or more advertisements with little substance. Therefore I wanted to commend you on the very interesting true stores and the great format of your magazine.

Publication Rating

sent my own story - By arm


I really enjoy reading true story my grandmother got me started about three years ago. She is no longer with us but she was also a long time reader of true story. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

Publication Rating

Encouraging real life stories. - By Momentfallaway


I have enjoyed reading this magazine every time I have subscribed to it. I find encouragent and hope in many of the words. Reading others stories helps me learn tolerance and understanding. Unfortunately I wish it would come in a indiscrete covering. I am tired of having to put up with my husband lusting over the covers when he brings in the mail...You guessed I am not twenty I suppose and right if you guessed forty five.