We're sorry, but V-twin is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

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V Twin Magazine

V-Twin is the "G-Rated" version of Easyriders, featuring all the content but none of the nudity or offensive material. Each issue includes extra tech tips and aftermarket guides to the latest products and service. Now packaged with Road Iron magazine.

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Publication Rating

The way it should be. - By BCNASTY


Love the rag and allways look forward to the new issue. It to me say's a lot about motorcycles in general, no preconceived notions about brands , just good articles about folks building custom cruisers. Tech articles are ok and the price of the mag compared to the others out there is great.Kudo's

Publication Rating

Top Pick - By Luuezz


I read V-Twin to keep myself up to date on the Latest Industry News, New Products & Parts. A Great Source of Valuable High Tech Engineering and Design Overall. They do a Great Job Presenting Presentation of the V-Twin Magazine to the Purchaser.

Publication Rating



Being a Motorcycle Apparel and Accessorie store, I want to say having your V-Twin Mag in my store is one of the most top notch mags around. The customers like it, I sell it and enjoy it myself. Being in business now for 3yrs, we have built our business around V-Twin and will continue to do so in the future. Keep up the great work, look forward to many more years with V-Twin.