We're sorry, but Washington Post Weekly-national Edition is unavailable because it has ceased publication of a print edition.

Washington Post Weekly-national Edition | 11/2/2009 Cover Washington Post Weekly-national Edition | 11/1/2009 Cover Washington Post Weekly-national Edition | 11/1/2009 Cover Washington Post Weekly-national Edition | 9/21/2009 Cover Washington Post Weekly-national Edition | 9/1/2009 Cover
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Washington Post Weekly-national Edition

Even if you live outside the Beltway, you can benefit from the coverage provided by one of the country's most prestigious, respected newspapers each week. The Washington Post National collects the best of the newspaper's daily news and commentary in an easy-to-manage digest. Story highlights, crucial issues, entertaining articles and incisive commentary make this magazine compelling reading.

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a friend passes - By disappointed


this was the first newspaper i subscribed to when i started working in the 80's. the format was brief, the information valuable. i gained insights from this magazine in politics, world events, science, and arts. i gave subscriptions as gifts,handed used copies to others, and all who received were amazed at the quality and breadth of content. i kept my subscription up for the past 20 years, while i lived in atlanta, los angeles, london, and back to los angeles, until this fall. i did not know why my resubscription didn't arrive, until just now, with the news that the paper is not continuing. i'll try to find it's equivalent online (daily paper is too cumbersome and weekend editions not broad enough) but i will truly miss seeing this paper, my friend, show up on my doorstep each week, ready to inform and delight me.