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Other Western Horseman Reviews

appraising the industry 3/2013 - By Widtfeldt


I was very impressed by the article on the current horse industry and what is thought needs to be done to improve the industry standards and condition of the industry from this point on. I have been working with horses since I was small and have had a God given drive to work with them that I am now satisfying with growing results as I train and breed colored cow horses in the panhandle of Nebraska and agree that the first things to look at in stock is the conformation and disposition, first and foremost. As I am breeding color and cow into my horses as many that I have contacting like the flash of the color and smaller size as I specialize in cutter type horses. They have the want to please as well as the muscle and bone to do it. Add to it a horse that is easy to get on and pay out less to keep. My goal is to remind people that horses do have their places in the livestock industry and can make sense when running a ranch or feedlot to have for work when needed as cattle work better with horses than motorized vehicles in my experience if they do not wish to do what is needed to do. With a revival of the horse into the industry and reminder that the horse processing industry is needed to balance the markets as there is no place to take a horse that can not be used nor sold or given away and so they are found dumped where ever they can be. THIS is inhumane to the horse to be forced to live when nothing can be done and they live in pain for long periods of time plus the cast of euthenasia can be prohibitive as well. With deregulation can come a renewed value rebound as unwanted horses are weeded back out. Thank you for your time and your great magazine.

Cowboy Life - By Pleasant Plain Cowboy


Great magazine but you need more articles on cowboy life. For example, the old days and today. How things were done, life on the ranch, just a diary of a cowboy. Again great magazine, especially the photos.

best horse magazine ever - By Mel


I have always loved horses.When I was a Kid the ONLY horse magazine I knew of was Western Horseman and talked my Dad into buying several copies, I loved it! As an adult I rediscovered my love of horses and my favorite horse related magazine- Western Horseman. The magazine was great then and is great now.From the '60's til now the main changes are black & white photos exchanged for color, and a newer format. One thing that hasn't changed... Superb Quality of information. Thanks WH for helping me rediscover my love of horses... and what to do with them! I'm just sorry that I can't give you the 20 star rating you deserve!

Great for new owners! - By Stephanie G.


Riding has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I recently got my very own horse! As a new owner, I was looking for a magazine that would offer me valuable information and advice on how to properly care for my equestrian friend! My subscription to Western Horseman has done this and so much more. This magazine provides its readers with training tips, health requirements, and grooming suggestions. I also love the photos of all different breeds of beautiful horses in every issue. I highly suggest Western Horseman to all new owners, and anyone who has a love for the sport and this beautiful animal.

The best all-around horse magazine - By Taren


Western Horseman is the BEST horse magazine. While it is tailored to those with a general interest in horses, what is unique about Western Horseman is that it covers all areas of western life. Individuals who have a love of the culture and lifestyle of the West would thoroughly enjoy this magazine. I've purchased this magazine as a gift for friends, and they love it just as much as I do. I really enjoy the absolutely gorgeous photography of the ranches that is included in just about every issue, and I find the instructions and tips on training mighty useful in my own work. I've been reading Western Horseman for a long time now, as it was first published in 1938, and I can safely say that this is one all around horse magazine that truly knows what they're talkin' about. Must-have for everyone in the horse world from new equestrian owners to seasoned professionals.

F.M. Steele's photo in April, 2007 issue, page 22 - By ted


There is an interesting picture entitled backward glance-Cowboy Cleanup--The sense of shading is surreal--if you turn it at a right angle, there looks to be symmetry resembling that of football players in the water. Do you know where any of his work may be found other than Topeka? Thank you.

If you have a horse or want to own a horse this magazine is for YOU - By Dharma


When I bought my first horse I knew nothing about caring for a horse. This magazine taught me how to care for my little filly. I love the articles. They are written in language that is easy to understand. I keep all the issues and have a horse library that my friends envy.