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Founded in 1902, ARTnews is the oldest art periodical, with 105 years of history. Among its subscribers are artists, art historians, collectors, dealers, connoisseurs, museum directors, museum curators, and art enthusiasts. With over two hundred thousand subscribers, in over one hundred and twenty countries, this journal reports on all aspects of art; including the different political and cultural aspects of the artwork showcased, as well as the personalities of the artists themselves. Milton Esterow is the lead editor and publisher of ARTnews and has authored The Art Stealers. During Esterow's extensive direction, ARTnews has won 31 major awards, the first and only art magazine to win these awards. ARTnews was awarded for its analysis, criticism, design, and reporting. ARTnews is printed 11 times a year, each month an issue circulates, with the exception of July and August, which are combined to compose the summer issue. The summer issue is always larger and it features the annual article “The World’s Top 200 Collectors” by Milton Esterow. ARTnews reports on a wide genre of internationally collected art. It features articles on working artists, including their lives, their art, and their habits. It keeps the reader abreast of the trends in the global art market. It delves into the political realms of multicultural art and investigates looted artwork passed off as legitimate pieces. This magazine focuses on all the visuals arts that include; fashion, painters, printers, sculptors, architects, art educators, museums, galleries, and some performance art. ARTnews offers reviews of new books that are in the Art genre and reviews on artists’ exhibits. ARTnews’ primary focus is on the visual arts; however the subject matter featured in the articles are influenced a wide scale the other “arts” such as, music, dance and theater. Other subject matters present in the articles include finance, history, mathematics, science, as well as politics.