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Bowhunting World Magazine

Whether you are in the market for a new bow or just looking to make some modifications on your existing equipment, turn to Bowhunting World for all of your equipment needs. Each issue provides the most reliable and up-to-date information regarding the latest in bows and related equipment, featuring product testing reviews and opinions from the leading archery experts.

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Notes from the trail - By


I have been a bowhunter for years and I am addicted to the sport. At one point, my addiction had me signed up for 6 different hunting magazines. Every month, my stack of magazines would arrive and I read them all. One stood out amongst the rest, Bowhunting world. I have since ended my subscription to the other magazines and I look forward to my favorite arriving in the mailbox every month. Thanks to the team at Bowhunting World. Excellent work.

Publication Rating

Bowhunting World - By xwisbowhunterx


I have subscribed to many magazines. I have to say that bowhunting world is both informative and revolutionizing the bowhunting world. They have many articles that test old theories and many times crush them. Example: Feb. 09 article by Brian Murphy. Harvesting cull bucks. as well as many others. Bowhunting world uses proven studies to show the facts about such subjects not just what they think will work. The money that is spent to do studies such as this is what make this a high class hunting magizine. They also test products to the extreme, They have proven archers such as Chuck Adams, Mark Hicks and many more to tell you thier proven methods, not just tell stories about how they shot a huge whitetail and tell you nothing about thier setup or reasons for hunting there in the first place. Bowhunting World is one of the best outdoor magizines I read consistintly. xWisbowhunterx