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Brew Your Own

Brew like an expert! Brew Your Own magazine is a trusted source of information for homebrewers who like to make great beer. Ranging from basic how-to to more complex articles, each issue delivers relevant and vital information to home brewers of all levels of experience. Refer to the "Recipe Exchange" section to make sure you're making the best tasting beer. Brew Your Own allows you to troubleshoot problems and gives you the means to compare reviews with other home brewers to find the best fermenters, measuring devices, kettles and equipment kits. Brew Your Own magazine provides you with essential techniques to maximize your home-brewing experience.

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Amateur Homebrewers - By owdo56


Amatuer Homebrewer. That's me! I look forward to getting this magazine each month. Altho' some of it is a bit beyond my comprehension (technical stuff), it still gives me plenty of great ideas and things to research for making the best home brew I can. That's my goal, as an amatuer who loves to taste a brew that wasn't mass produced, tinny, or flat from sitting in the heat in some warehouse. As with everything, I know it'll take time to perfect what I want for my personal tastes, but my friends love being the guinea pigs. Despite their triple A reviews, I am still in search of the perfect brew (for my tastes). For me, A fine IPA and a Dark Lager. Brew Your Own Magazine has been instrumental in my flourishing hobby. It's nice to come home and pour a cold one. No aliminum recycling required. No horses pulling a buggy, no football fans acting stupid or dogs with a black eye. Brewing our own beer is more than a hobby. If I just wanted to drink myself silly, I'm sure there's some mass produced beer out there, and cheap, that I could BUY and never have to think about quality/taste. Homebrew is life! We brew it. We age it. We drink it. Repeat process. Tweek the details along the way. Thanks again! odwo56 / Houston, Tx.