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Consumer Reports Magazine

Before your next purchase, be it a big investment or minor indulgence, you want to make sure you're getting the best product out there at the best price. But thoroughly researched, unbiased reviews are hard to come by. That is why Consumer Reports has been a mainstay in buying guides since 1936, keeping readers informed on the best products, from cars to tools and appliances. Each issue offers useful and detailed reviews that are broken down into dozens of categories, such as electronics, home and yard, fitness and cars. Sections are then further broken down into subcategories, such as "best in fuel economy" for cars, or "best TV brands" for electronics. Consumer Reports offers vital tips and information that make it easier to navigate the vast market and find the product you're looking for. In the magazine's "Lab tests" section, you will find detailed reviews of products that have been assessed on a profound level, the results based on numerous trials. With Consumer Reports, you can trust that the information you are getting is straightforward and to the point. Discover fun details about products and get tips about reliable brands. Products that perform well and offer great value are easy to find, as they are given the coveted title of "CR Best Buys." Further, readers will find interesting articles on topics ranging from money and politics to nutrition and food. All in all, Consumer Reports is a vital tool for the informed consumer. Double issues may be published, which count as two issues.

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Publication Rating

Consumer Reports - By G2


I have subscribed to Consumer Reports on and off for over 40-yrs. I have found them to be an invaluable resource and read almost every issue cover to cover. Consumer Reports has helped me become a very informed consumer, and I have gained the analytical skills needed for my career in purchasing.

Publication Rating

My First Issue saved me $500 - By Diligent Shopper


I had been with my previous insurer basically my whole adult life. My first issue of Consumer Reports rated insurance companies, and mine was somewhere in the middle of the pack. I reached out to the top company (for civilians) and not only did I end up saving more than $500 a year, but I also had more consumer friendly payment options. Well worth my investment in Consumer Reports!

Publication Rating

Smart magazine to have - By Joy1980


I subscribed to Consumer Reports after my dad told me that I wasn't making the best decisions when it came to buying things. By looking at reviews online I thought I had done enough research on things like cameras and TV's, but the reality is that a lot of that info. isn't totally accurate. Consumer Reports brings it straight to you and has no reason to lie. They actually test these products repeatedly, so you can know for sure what is worth buying before getting confused at the store (and having your decision swayed by salespeople). This magazine is one of my must-buys every year- I've definitely saved a lot of money and trouble by having Consumer Reports on hand at all times.

Publication Rating

Most reliable consumer mag - By TimB22


I read Consumer Reports before I go out and actually buy almost everything and anything. It is so reliable and accurate; I've never disagreed with a product review! This magazine has ratings on nearly everything you could ever think about wanting or needing. It is so useful to just have a copy of Consumer Reports in the house, and well-worth the monthly subscription.

Publication Rating

Check CR first - By Celicaphile


Consumer Reports is the first place I look for product reviews and ratings especially when I’m looking to make a large purchase. I actually often check Consumer Reports after I've made a purchase just to see if I made the right choice. Their ratings are almost always accurate and insightful.