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Other Cottage Living Reviews

nothing compares - By DK


I cannot find another magazine that replaces Cottage Living. The decorating was "out-of-the-box" and the featured homes reflected the creative owners. I am still "pinning" away in GA with my old magazines! And I also continue to use them for inspiration. I hope it will be resurrected!

So sad it's gone - By Bea


I loved getting my Cottage Living magazines. This is the one magazine I saved my copies of. I learned so much through them, as well as loving the home and room designs, the colors, the details. It gave me great ideas for the design work I was doing at the time. I wish it would come back!

Cottage Living magazie - By maggi


So disappointed when Cottage Living ceased publication. Loved this magazine and I have kept every copy that was printed.

Cottage Living - By lucy


I miss this magazine. Please bring it back. There is not another magazine on the market that comes close.

Miss You - By Dellad


I really miss Cottage Living! Please bring it back! I still get my old issues out and revisit them.

Bring back this magazine! - By Jerzygirl055


I have issues from 2008 and I still enjoy looking back at them. They have a special place in my heart that brings me comfort when I visit the pages...please bring them back!

Best Ever.... - By sld


This was THE best magazine ever by far....please bring it back! Us cottage owners miss it dearly!

American style at its best - By Carol Mc


I recently got out my Cottage Living magazines to look over again. I could not part with them after the magazine seized to publish. I love the articles about the Kit houses across America, planned communities and so much more. Cottage Living was full of ideas, historical information, it was a true loss and I so wish it would come back again. The Economy is picking up,why can't we pick up a copy of Cottage Living Again!

oh no not cottage living the only magazine loved - By cocoa


this inspirational magazine has greatly helped me with my porch and flower garden. I found a issue in the recycle bin took it home and I was hooked.After the bad news what will take it's place ?Please do not leave us. /

Please bring it back. - By cottage living


Please bring back Cottage Living. By the time i had found it, i also found out you are not publishing any more. please bring back



This was a great magazine. I bought it over the counter all the time. I was just going to order a subscription and found out it is no longer in print. Please re think this.

Please bring it back - By Lulu


Great magazine with great ideas. How could you stop publishing?! Please reconsider and bring it back.

Please Return - By ozark lady


I really enjoy all my issues of Cottage Living Magazine. I have a craftsman cottage and always fondly gaze through my old issues. You offered so many ideas and homes similar to my 100 year old home in Salem, MO. I hope you begin offering your wonderful magazine again. Thanks for the many happy hours with your magazine.

Best Magazine Ever - By Emily


This was a great magazine featuring homes that were lovely and not out of reach for the average homeowner. Please bring it back. Hey, if Victoria Magazine can make a come back, so can Cottage Living!

Cottage Comeback - By Cottager


Cottage Living was a one-of-a-kinder. Packed to the gills with great articles/great shots. Please resurrect CL and bring her back to the mag racks where she belongs...

Bring it back please!! - By lurlee


This truly was one of the best home & garden publications around. I say that we start a letter campaign to get it back! I haven't found a thing that quite measures up, that is for sure!

Bring Back Cottage Living Magazine!! - By Jackie


I loved this magazine. I don't know why you stopped printing it. I wanted to subscribe to it again. Please bring it back!!

Please bring Cottage Living back =( - By Kori


This was the BEST magazine ever! Please consider bringing it back!

miss cottage living - By rebecca


This was the best home magazine on the market. loved it and wish they would bring it back.

Miss it! - By PhotoJourney


I used to look forward to this gem of a magazine coming in the mail. I wish the publisher would get a clue and bring it back. I still have every single issue published and break them out each season to refresh my memories.

cottage living magazine - By Golda


Cottage Living was the best magazine on the market. Please bring it back! I was a subscriber as well as alot of my friends. We miss it terribly.

Miss this publication terribly - By southern charm


Please bring this magazine back. It gave me many decorating ideas in my renovation of numerous small cottage style homes. No other magazine has filled the bill.

OH NO!!! - By beck


I just found out that Cottage Living Magazine was no longer in publication. I am so disappointed. This is a great magazine. Please bring it back to us that enjoyed it sooooooooooo much. Please.

Please bring it back! - By Ann


Cottage Living to me was the perfect magazine. If it wasn't making enough money to keep it in production, put more advertising in it. I'm sure everyone that loves your magazine would rather see more advertising than not have it at all! The wonderful magazine Victoria came back. Check with that company to see what they did to make it work! Thank you. Sincerely, Ann

Please Bring it Back - By Debra


This was a great magazine! I miss it very much and did subscribe to it. There are other "Cottage" magazines but this one was the BEST! Please re-think the decision to stop publication of the magazine. Thank You!

Can't you bring it back?! - By Gretch


Cottage Living was the best decorating magazine EVER! You didn't have to own a cottage to appreciate every page because the photos and ideas could be incorporated anywhere. There is now a tremendous void in good decorating magazines. PLEASE bring it back!

We're disappointed... Glad we kept all of our mags - By Joe


My wife and I love this magazine. We are very sad to see this great magazine go. I was about to go online to read and collect some ideas for our livingroom. We own a 1920's colonial house, but we gravitate towards cottage style decor, it compliments this house so well. We hope you republish this great magazine again.

"Cottage Living" was the best - By Cottage lover


My all-time favorite decorating magazine and, of course, it's gone. Great charm, taste and style. Decorating and purchases relatable and do-able for many of us, not over-the-top or a McMansion. I used many of its features as guides to my own 2100 sf home. Great loss. Bring it back - you have a devoted subscriber here.

Cottage Living was the best! - By Geenybeeny


I still want to cry when I think about the demise of this wonderful magazine - it was my all-time favorite, and I am a serious magazine junkie. I was a subscriber from the very first issue, and fortunately I still have almost all of them. Please bring it back!!!

I miss this magazine SO much! - By KayKay


It was always the highlight of my week to open the mail box the day my Cottage Living arrived. There's no other publication I can find now that covers this style. Miss it terribly!

Favorite magazine - By J. Hammett


I'm already missing my favorite magazine. It was one of the best magazines out there!!! Full of decorating and garden ideals. Please bring it back!!!

Why Cancel a Magazine that was SO On-Trend??!! - By cricket


Unbelieveable! Cottage Living was my FAVORITE mag of all time-couldn't wait til it came in the mail! I live in a Colonial but dreamed of these houses. And it was ahead of it's time-it's time being now-2010-when people are looking to downsize their houses. Please bring it back!

I Knew I Should've Kept Them! - By DKC


I was cleaning out old magazines and it wasn't easy to let go of my favorites... like Cottage Living. I moved in 2008 (to a cottage, of course) and lost track of my subscription, only to find out it's no longer being published. Sadly, another one bites the dust. I'm checking online to see if it's coming back or not. Any chance? At all? Maybe? If so, sign me up. Thanks!!

Miss You Cottage Living - By KK


I have been hoping you would change your mind and bring this wonderful little magazine back to life. I scrounge the libraries for people recycling Cottage Living and if I would have known you would have pulled this delightful magazine, I would have never let them go. This magazine had so many delightful articles, wonderful changes to peoples homes, of love and gardening and oh the colors. If you want to make me happy, please bring this oh so cherished magazine back into existence. I can't be the only one missing it. Sincerely sad - KK

Many thanks - By Norma


I wonder how many magazines in my collection have articles written by James Cramer and the late Dean Johnson. I have watched their home and garden evolve over the years and have loved every minute. Only my closest friends allow me to become involved in their decorating and gardening schemes. Several years ago Dean made an aviary that was just so beautiful. I wonder if his construction plans are available; would you please ask James. Thanks to all the writers and photographers who have given me many years of great reading and projects - some done and many in the planning stage.

A Porch Swing, Tea, and Cottage Living Magazine - By Reedy


Cottage Living is like your first sip of tea in the morning. You can't wait to get it, it awakens you,and energizes you. My first burst of idea's for that day happen with my first sip of tea and my Cottage Living Magazine. I usually head to our wrap around porch and sit on the pillow covered swing devouring each and every page. I love to see how other people transform their cottage's. How they bring warmth to their living with color, design, antiques, fabric's and so much more. I enjoy that you don't have to try and guess the color of a room. It's listed, how easy is that. I wish that we had Cottage Living when we restored our 1830 Farmhouse. But it didn't take long to add some fresh vintage style to our larger home and make it feel more cottage. This summer I am going to plant a flower garden using idea's and plan's that other people have shared. My sister and I are both Cottage Living fan's and it is our favorite magazine. Honestly, I wouldn't nestled on my swing without a copy of it in hand.

Makes a House a Home - By meleemel


Cottage living is not just for Cottage owners. Cottage Living is filled with decorating ideas that can make any home feel cozy. It doesn't stop there. Cottage Living also shares great recipes and cooking articles. Their garden features are beautiful and often feature step-by-step photos for those of us that have black thumbs!