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Country Gardens Magazine

Discover the secret behind glorious gardens! Country Gardens celebrates the spirit of and romance of gardening as a lifestyle and embodies what today’s gardening enthusiasts are looking for—pretty, straightforward garden advice, casual decorating, old-fashioned garden favorites and tough-as-nails natives, the latest tools and gadgets, garden-fresh recipes and personal stories that inspire.

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Publication Rating

Very Inspirational! - By Denise


This is one of the most exciting gardening magazines out there. It is so full of creative ideas and really gets me revved up. I look forward to each and every issue. Living in CO, it's tough to stay motivated in the winter but this magazine keeps me inspired throughout the year!

Publication Rating

County Garden Magazine Speaks to Me! - By Papermaking Gardener


Living in rural SW Michigan and gardening on 5 acres, Country Magazine is my inspiration. I adore the articles and photographs that show colorful and lush gardens. The articles on "difficult garden situations" like mine (i.e. sandy soil, high humidity, wind, and winter cold) are my all time favorite (more please!) as it gives me hope that I too can have a wonderful "Country Garden" someday soon. Even if my garden is not as spectacular as some, it's fun to use my garden plants in an unusual way; turning them into highly textured handmade papers.

Publication Rating

Best mail day!!!! - By Kristin


I love this magazine! It is one of the few things in the mail that I will stop whatever I am doing and read through as soon as it comes. I love the gorgeous photographs and it always gives me hope that my country garden might someday look a little like some of those pictured. I also like that alot of the gardens are from the midwest and are plants that I can use in my garden.

Publication Rating

About Time - By PJTN


I received my first issue of the subscription...I'm so thrilled with this magazine! It has so many things that we as normal people can accomplish in our gardens..such wonderful ideas and beautiful pictures. It's nice to find a really helpful magazine. Please don't change...you got it going!! PJ

Publication Rating

Awesome - By Mrs.G


I just received my first issue of country Gardens magazine, and i was so pleasantly surprised with how informative and beautiful it was with very flip of the page. Thank you so much for such an awe inspiring magazine. Mrs.G