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Other Country Living Reviews

- By Carrol


I was so very disappointed with the last issue. So many pages just seemed to be "fillers". Widely spaced pictures, little good commentary. I read through and immediately threw away. I have collected your magazines for many years and would glace back through for ideas and information. Sorry---but you need to know!

December Issue - By Susan


I have subscribed to Country Living for many years and totally love the magazine. It is not full of advertisements and ridiculously boring articles. The December issue is fantastic, so full of gift ideas, decorating tips and recipes

- By Jan


I enjoy Country Living, particularly for its innovative designs for homes utilizing recycled items. Would like to see an artist featured in each issue. On the down side, sometimes the contrast between typeface or color of printing when placed over photos is almost impossible to read. Good contrast is essential in designing pages and I fervently hope that my critique will be passed on to your graphic designers. Some of really do read the copy, thanks to your writers!

March 2013 Issue - By Sally


I love each issue of Country Living, but . . March 2013 has been especially enjoyable for me. I am cataloging this one. Wonderful inspiration to change a few things. I like eclectic living . . not matchy, matchy. The lampshade tables on page 57 delightful. Also loved the review article and suggestions about Natchez, MS. Thanks for the happiness.

WOW - By Weenie


Many years ago I subscribed to Country Living -- but cancelled my subscription because the 'cutsy' country style was soooo out of date. Recently -- a friend leant me a copy and I was shocked --- pleasantly shocked. All I can say is WOW! Love everyhing about the 'new' Country Living magazine. The pictures, the size, graphics,receipes, decorating tips, etc...also -- so happy you kept some of the best of your 'old' magazine --- especially the section on collecting, antiques, and 'what's is worth'......YAY to the new Editor and the staff she has assembled. Great job guys. Just started my new subscription -- Arlene

Inspiration - By Hattie


The magazine has given me many creative & inspiring ideas that I've used myself, and then I pass it on to friends. One of my friends used an idea for her niece's wedding. One thing I really miss, though, is the beautiful picture & thought that's always been on the last page. I save them & hang them on my refrigerator with magnets--please bring this feature back!

Country Living Review - By Whitney


I have been subscribed to Country Living for many years now, and continue to enjoy and appreciate the magazine's content. Every issue offers an abundance of home-style recipes, decorating ideas, and entertainment suggestions, all of which obviously stem from a country aesthetic. I really love how Country Living mixes one-of-a-kind antiques with modern pieces with such ease and simplicity. If you own a home in the country, or simply think you would enjoy the monthly escape from city-life, this is a great subscription for you. I highly recommend this publication, and have even bought subscriptions for friends and family members.

Simply charming - By Audrey


Country Living inspires me to get creative and remidns me of how truly charming country life is. You don't have to live in the country to love this magazine. I live in New York City and this magazine has been the source of so many of the ideas I have had that have transformed my apartment from boring to country-chic. I've gotten tips on how to turn simple things into fabulous decorations, innovative home decorating ideas and delicious, easy-to-make recipes. While I don't garden (can't really in the city), I do value the articles on collecting and antique-buying. Based on the info. I've been given from Country Living, I have found some of my most prized antiques and treasures. My favorite issues of Country Living have to be the ones that come out around the holidays. This magazine has taught me how to have fun with and enjoy holidays such as Valentine's Day and how to work color and theme into my decor. Country Living always gives me such great ideas and inspires me to turn my home into a fun and gorgeous place. If you are just trying out the whole "decorating" thing, Country Living will teach you ways to add some country flair to your home and life. Since so many of the tips and project ideas are do-it-yourself, this magazine makes it all so easy, fun and accessible.

Country look in the city is possible. - By Dharma


They have some great country looks that you can incorporate into your own home. The magazine is not about living in the country, it's about decorating your home to give it a down home country atmosphere. The ideas they provide are as much at home in a city apartment as they are in a country cottage.

fresh new ideas - By Lena M


Country Living Magazine is a favorite of mine. I always get different decorating ideas and love looking at the interesting pieces of furniture featured in every issue. The projects and sources for items are easy to reference and the recipes are wonderful. The magazine inspires you to give your home that cozy country feel, whether you change just a few things or a whole room. I love the pictures of what they do to country up your kitchen, and there are always interesting articles and features. Every cover pulls me in and I read this magazine cover to cover as soon as it arrives. I have a collection of previous issues that I reference when ever I get the urge to redecorate. If you are looking for ideas to freshen up your country decor..this is the magazine for you.