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Where are the apples??? - By Maple (Apple?) Sweet Potatoes


I was very excited to find a new sweet potato recipe in your Nov. issue. I love your magazine. Keep up the great work!



Wondering why you put a U S FLAG CAKE photo on your JULY cover that only has 49 stars(blueberries)? Otherwise it is a beautiful picture. Thanks, OKIE

Love it - By Dini


I love Family Circle magazine. I have bought it for years at the check out counter of the grocery store every month. I am now subscribing to Family Circle and receiving it at home. The April issue was really great. There were so many helpful articles I could not put it down. This is a great magazine for women of all ages.

I highly recommend this magazine for all women. - By Dharma


One of the best Ladies magazines on the market. Filled with informative articles with broad interests including womens health, decorating your home, parenting skills, the latest fashions and much more. In addition to human interest stories they have articles on politics and current news items. I highly recommend this magazine to all women who are interested in the world around them.

A very nice magazine for all women. - By Dharma


An excellent source for women's information. In depth articles about womens health, workplace, home, and even a few recipes. It's a wonderful all round ladies magazine with sections that appeal to working women, home makers, and even some men enjoy the articles. I highly recommend this magazine to everyone.