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Other Fine Cooking Reviews

My favorite cooking magazine - By GourmetGirl20


Fine Cooking is the best! I have found that this magazine offers such a great balance of recipes... not too easy, not extremely hard. Just an ideal mix of some quick and easy everyday meals and bigger dishes that require more preparation. I like that the editors of Fine Cooking have mastered this balance because it is perfect for people like me who don't settle for one or the other. I can't afford to spend all of my spare time cooking, BUT I love cooking meals and entertaining as if I'm a "Fine" cook! I have used countless recipes given to me by my issues of Fine Cooking and have always been more than satisfied by the way they come out-- simply delicious. Issues offer such useful cooking tips and strategies that just make cooking easier. I also find the reviews of kitchen appliances useful and the tips on cookware and the best ingredients to use. I love this magazine! 5 stars!

No more expensive cooking classes! - By New to real cooking


I'm newly married and now that I recieved all these amazing gifts for the wedding (cookware, electrics, etc.), my love and interest in cooking dramatically increased overnight. All I want to do is cook and entertain. I started off with classes, but they were expensive and crowded. Then I ordered a subscription to Fine Cooking Magazine and I don't need to take cooking classes anymore. This magazine is like having your own private cooking instructor at home. The cooking instructions are easy to follow and the recipes are inventive and colorful. You will also read about tricks of the trade too. The pictures are especially clear and helpful. It's also great b/c the issues are specific to the current season, so you have tons of ideas that are appropriate for the time of year and suggestions for what fruit and vegtables are in season. I'm no longer making the same dishes over and over again. I typically do not subscribe to magazines because I don't like the glutter and I don't have the time to keep up with the reading, but Fine Cooking is a must have for me. It has changed by life!