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Once long time subscriber - By Ben


I read my very first Fly Fisherman Magazine in Dec 1983 and imediately subscribed to it. I was in the U.S. Air Force in Anchorage, AK (sportsmans paradise as anyone who has ever been there can tell you). Left paradise and was sent to the oposite of the spectrum by getting stuck in a hell hole known as Victorville, CA in the high desert 30 miles east of San Bernadino (another slice of heaven, only slightly more tolerable than Bakersfield). Thank God I had my Fly Fisherman Mag coming in to give some solace. Actually some of the articles helped me to adapt my fishing techniques to the local waters around Southern CA. Short line nymphing with weighted nymphs on small creeks and streams was a God send since that is about all that is available down that way. It worked just the way it was laid out in the issue that showed how to catch trout in knee deep water that didn't look as though it could support trout. Granted these were not trophy size fish but non the less it helped build a foundation for me that would later pay off when I finaly got a transfer to N. CA. The waters are bigger, the fish are too but there is still the opportunity to fish smaller creeks if I wanted to and the skills I learned from Fly Fisherman Magazine helped me to succeed in waters I never before fished. I was a solid subscriber from 01/01/84-12/31/90. I felt at one point that I acrued enough knowledge from all those issues (which I still have in near mint condition) that there wasn't much else about the sport that I could learn and the ever increasing price so I quit taking it. I may perhaps take it up again someday. Bottom line is, if you want the hows, whens and whys of fly fishing I highly recomend this magazine. I checked out the others and they're OK but for my money this one is definitely a 5 Star journey into the world of fly fishing.