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Harvard Business Review Magazine

Since 1922, Harvard Business Review has served as an unrivaled source of information and means for communication within the business world. The research-based magazine keeps you up to date on the latest trends, people and practices that are defining the corporate realm. Seasoned writers, made up largely of business and business education professionals, provide invaluable insight on the ideas that shape the different sectors of business. In the “Conversation” section, readers of Harvard Business Review get an up-close-and-personal look at prominent business professionals. Learn how the CEO of a large company strategizes and discover the logic behind his business incentives. Get tips from industry insiders on what you should consider implementing into your business plan and learn about the best ways to navigate in the current economic landscape. With great book reviews, case studies, and in-depth articles on how to better manage your business, Harvard Business Review is the ultimate companion for the business-minded individual.

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Publication Rating

Invaluable Biz Publication - By Gabriella


HBR is one magazine that I can truly say is worth every single penny and more. I attribute so much of what I know and bring to the table at my job to this magazine. From cover to cover HBR is filled with informative and insightful information that any person who is involved in business (or looking to start a career in business) would deem valuable. In particular, I always look forward to reading the profiles of high-powered personalities in business to sort of see things from their eyes and get into their minds. No other magazine out there does it like HBR. I give this magazine a definite 5 out of 5 stars not only because of the quality of writing and material but also because I appreciate the fact that this publication has not sold out completely to advertisements. I never get a thick book that is overwhelmingly packed with useless pages. But that's really just the icing on the cake. Don't stop doing what you do HBR!

Publication Rating

HBR is well worth the subscirption! - By Shawn


I have been subscribed to Harvard Business Review since the start of my career. I truly value HBR's insightful advice on the world of business, and I credit many of my successes to what I have learned from reading this magazine every month. Don't be intimidated by the Harvard moniker; I give my word that the information in this magazine is comprehensible for anybody honestly invested in learning from an authoritative voice on economics, sociological, and statistical takes on business. I had to give Harvard Business Review a rating of four stars instead of five simply because I recently have not been as impressed with the provided information in the magazine's articles as I have in the past. However, this fact does not take away from my strong suggestion that every business-person out there subscribe today.