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Horse Illustrated Magazine | 5/2020 Cover

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Other Horse Illustrated Reviews

I love Horse illustrated!!!! - By Savvy


Horse Illustrated has been SO helpful to me and they are a good time passer. I keep all of the magazines (which is almost 40 ;)) and I have reread them all about... 3-4 times! Now that I have a horse they have given me really good tips, ideas, and advice on what to get for my horse. Thank you so much, Horse Illustrated!!! Definitely 5 stars!

love the refresh I get from this magazine - By Ginny


I have subscribed to HI for years. Sometimes I paid the subscription my self and sometimes my sweet supportive husband would pay it for me as a surprise. Even when times were super tough during the economy crash and he lost his job of 20+ years he found the money to pay for another year, after I told him not to worry about it I could just re-read all my old copies. What I really like about the magazine is the refresher training I get when reading some of the articles and helpful tips.

Love This Magazine!!! - By Lexi


I am 14 years old and have quite recently started riding hunter/jumper. I really want to own my own horse and this magazine is fantastic, it gives you really good advice and has been a huge help to me. Thank you Horse Illustrated!

AWSOME - By HI Lover


I've been getting Horse Illustrated for over a year now! I just can't wait to get next month's issue! I love it!

Great for beginners! - By Marla


I recently bought a subscription of Horse Illustrated for my daughter, as she has just picked up horse riding. This is such a great magazine for the novice equestrian. It is extremely educational on general horsemanship and management of your new favorite hobby. Every subscription of Horse Illustrated is like a little introduction to a new aspect of the horse riding world. My daughter looks forward to getting her issue in the mail every month and really values the knowledge and information that she gains from reading this magazine. I highly recommend a subscription to Horse Illustrated to anyone who has just taken up this wonderful sport, especially children.

Love Horse Illustrated - By Caroline


If it weren't for this magazine, I'd still be paying too much for all of my gear. Horse Illustrated has useful tips on how to cut costs for training, riding and events. I really love the pull-out horse photos, especially the ones of Spanish mustangs that featured this month. What beautiful stallions! I also got a lot out of the articles on what to expect at jumping clinics that also offered such helpful take-home exercises. Thanks to Horse Illustrated I've been able to make the most of my training and riding experiences and think that my horses would agree!

Helpful - By Pony Person


I started getting Horse Illustrated before I got my first horse. It was so helpful in teaching me everything to care for my horse it was the only reference i need especially for the deworming and flies. I now have 7 beautiful horses one of them mine named Cobolt a 7 yr. old black arabian with a star on his forehead. I thank horse illustrated in helping me be a great horseowner.

helpful and full of good ideas - By Louise B


Horse Ilustrated is a terrific publication for the novice horse owner. In depth, informative articles are complemented by beautiful photography and cover a wide variety of equine topics. They have the latest medical news, English and Western news, a page where readers can write in to the magazine, and an index where you can get breeder info. My favorite part of the magazine is the breed profile. Each month they feature a breed and it's history and there is a pull out poster. The contents are perfect for younger or older horse enthusiasts. You can find information on vets, tack room organization, barn care and general horse care. This magazine is terrific!