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J14 Magazine

J-14, abbreviated from the original title “just for teens”, is the number one teen celebrity magazine. It is the ultimate source of star news, offering its faithful readers gossip about their favorite teen celebrities. Similar to the majority of other publications geared towards this age group, J-14 contains common features including quizzes and questionnaires, glossy posters, and fashion tips and tricks. This magazine also offers juicy interviews with celebrities most relevant to American teenagers, revealing personal information about hot hook ups and heart-wrenching break ups. Every issue of J-14 is covered page-to-page with candid photographs of the stars that teens would buy magazines to see. J-14 is a teenager's window into young Hollywood today.

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Publication Rating

I love J-14 - By Katie


Every time I read this magazine I love this and I laugh when I see something funny. I always learn something new about someone that I know really don't know nothing about them. I learn how to do stuff. I also learn who I am like. Thanks for doing the magazine. I love you guys!!!!!

Publication Rating

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! - By karebear


AMAZING JUST AMAZING!!! I just really want you to know I love it and all the FREE POSTERS!!! LOVE YA'LL (: !!! 10 STARS!!!

Publication Rating

I love J-14 magazines - By Karsyn


I have over ten J-14 magazines and I love reading them. My sisters and I take turns reading them all and we fight over them. Thank you so much for making magazines I love them so much.

Publication Rating

Must Have For Teens - By 5sosFam


I have read a ton of celeb gossip magazines and this one is the best so far, I can't think of one thing I don't like about this mag. The targeted age group is around 12-17 but I think anyone 9 and up will enjoy this magazine if they have favorite celebs. The only thing I wish they would do is talk more about YouTube and YouTubers!!!

Publication Rating

Best teen magazine out there! - By RedFoo and Bieber Lover


I love this magazine! It has beauty and style advice and stuff like that, which I personally don't really care for, but other girls like that stuff so it might be for you! It has quizzes and fill-in-the-blanks and stuff like that, which I like. It also has stories about celebrities, which I like, and it talks about Justin Bieber (who I love!) and One Direction, and Mindless Behavior, and other bands like that. You'll like it!