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Other Missouri Life Reviews

Superb Magazine! - By Pat


We have subscribed to Missouri Life for many years, and we are consistently impressed with the quality of your magazine. We value your significant contributions to Missouri history.

If you love the heart of the Mid-West, here tiz! - By Jimmie Smallbear


I am a professional writer, journalist, speaker and storyteller. I've sold over 800 articles nationwide and I have five books in public libraries - so I know the results of hard work and professionalism when I see and read it. That's why I always look forward to receiving the next issue of Missouri Life. The February/March issue simply floors me because it contains a wealth of the very subjects about which I love to write; the color, excitement, variety and the amazing breadth and depth of Missouri's history. The cover says it all: "Wild West, We had it all!" How very true. I have professionally spoken to groups hundreds of times. One of the "fish-hook" phrases I use to gain the listener's attention is, "If you'll get out of your lounger and go to your yard, pick up a rock and seriously contemplate it - you'll find yourself looking at Missouri's history. For there is seldom a rock in Missouri that hasn't been splattered with blood at one time or another. The Indian wars, the coming of the White Man, the hunter/trappers, the Border Wars, The Civil War, The Bush Whackers, the Bald Knobbers, the whiskey runners, the drug runners - laws a mercy! Missouri is where the Wild West started and has lived in fame and infamy for nearly two hundred years." Thanks for the wonderful content in the February/March issue, Missouri Life!