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Muscle & Fitness publishes two double issues per year. Each counts as two of twelve in an annual subscription.
Muscle & Fitness Magazine | 2/1/2020 Cover Muscle & Fitness Magazine | 1/1/2020 Cover Muscle & Fitness Magazine | 12/1/2019 Cover Muscle & Fitness Magazine | 11/1/2019 Cover Muscle & Fitness Magazine | 10/1/2019 Cover
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Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Muscle & Fitness is the lifestyle magazine for the man or woman interested in "super fitness and vigorous health at any age." Professional advice is provided for all levels of fitness with advanced exercise science, useful illustrated workout techniques and proper nutrition guidelines to help the body. Whether you're in shape or you'd like to get in shape, Muscle & Fitness is right for you.

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Publication Rating

Allocation - By Smoky


The principle value of this magazines format lies in it's intuitive understanding of the importance of an organized personal regime to achieve optimum results. The degree of emphasis on how to attain that inner harmony that is many of it's reader's chief physical goal. A 'good book' , of sorts, that is truly in the heads of it's loyal readers. Editorially balanced and current.

Publication Rating

Great Magazine - By erik


I love Muscle & Fitness. It's a great warm-up!