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The National Enquirer

Insatiable headlines, scandals and unforgettable stories have made this title a household name! The National Enquirer reports the unvarnished stories about celebrities- their antics, celebrations, loves and mishaps. Plus, the Enquirer covers high profile national and international scandals like no other with exclusive breaking news! Subscribe now and be the first to know!

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Publication Rating

National Enquirer Review - By Lucille


Reading The National Enquirer every week is my ultimate guilty pleasure! The article topics are always so juicy and intriguing, I can't put the copy down until I read it cover to cover. This gossip rag-mag delves deeper into celebrity's personal lives than any other on the newsstand - take my word for it, I've subscribed for five years now!

Publication Rating

Hooked on this one - By Becca


I don't know what I'd do without my weekly fix of the National Enquirer! I've been subscribing for years and this magazine continues to be my favorite indulgence and form of entertainment. It's better than the gossip magazines and TV, because the reporting is just straight to the fact and with a lighthearted tone. NE always gets the best of the best embarrassing and secretive photos of celebs and people in the spotlight and the articles that accompany them are always pretty well investigated! Even if some of the material turns out to be fiction more than fact, this magazine has accomplished what it set out to do-- entertain and encourage the discussion of people in the limelight! We shouldn't be afraid to just TALK and gossip.. that's what our country is founded upon! The support of discussion and an exchange of ideas. LOVE NATIONAL ENQUIRER!

Publication Rating

A new fan! Thanks for giving us the news! - By Kay


Thank you for breaking the John Edwards story! Thank you for going where the main stream media dare not go. I thought real news reporting was long gone. . . glad to know there are some real reporters out there. . . not afraid and not owned! God bless you all and please keep up the good work! You have a new fan!!!

Publication Rating

Nationa Inquirer Reporting - By Vicki


Excellent reporting. Keep up the good work. My friends have always teased me when I update them on the news after reading the National Inquirer. But this recent scandal and your over-the-top fact-based articles have changed their view of the National Inquirer. All other media were too cowardly to investigate the John Edwards tryst. Shame on them!

Publication Rating

Better than "Mainstream" media - By Jim


I applaud that Enquirer for some great press work catching John Edwards cheating on his poor wife suffering from recurrent cancer. I will now, without question, endorse the National Enquirer over any of the mainstream media journals, newspapers, or magazines for publishing this story when the others were too cowardice to do it.