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O The Oprah Magazine | 6/2020 Cover

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I love this magazine I read it cover to cover and pass it on to friends. Keep up the good work!

Oprah and the Beach - By Son


I was on the beach on Tues with intentions to swim and read a new book. In my bag I just received my July copy of Oprah. I thought I would just run through the fashions; that was at 2:00 pm by 6:00pm I turned the last page! I read every page!! Now that I'm retired I have more time to read. Please continue to pay attention to us older girls; we still look good and are interested in fashions and hair dos, also, I would like some political discussions. Yours in health, SHC.

My favorite Magazine - By The Great One


My Oprah magazine is by far my favorite. I am 72 years old ,mother of two,grandmother of four and greatgrandmother of an eleven year old. Although I am now retired I am a pretty busy person.I get a few magazines delivered each month and sometimes do not get to read them.I always make sure that I read the Oprah and cannot bear to part with them. I love everything in the entire issue,always. When I must clean up, I always pass on the older issues to friends or leave them at a doctor's office. Keep up the good work.

Sensational Magazine! - By southernga0724


I have diligently kept up with O magazine for years, and it just seems to constantly follow whatever is happening in my life. It's refreshing to read Martha Beck, and of course Dr. Phil and his "how's that working for you?!" I love all of the other regular contributors and the guest interviews, also. I'm introducing my sister to O, and she is so excited to be joining the ranks of all of us who've learned to appreciate such a spectactular woman who is not afraid to let us see her insecurities so that we may identify with her. Please keep up your exceptional work!

The Best Magazine - By Ann


I am totally enthralled with the content of your magazine.

The O magazine - By Kate


I enjoy reading the O magazine and learn alot from it. Oprah and crew thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas. I recommend this magazine to anyone especially women.

Front Cover - By Jules


I loved the front cover of the August issue of O Magazine! I recently went camping in Northern California and we rented a cabin, I put your magazine on the table and it brightend up the whole room! Everyone who came in always picked it up and read it! I love summertime gardens as well! Thanks Oprah for brightening up my Summer Vacation!

The Oprah Magazine - By MBMurphy


Everything that Oprah touches turns to gold, and her "O" magazine is no different! Oprah's essence is simply inspiring and joyful - she truly understands and relates to the average American woman in a way that makes you feel like she is your next door neighbor. I genuinely value her advice, opinion and suggestions in every aspect of life that this magazine touches on, which includes topics from style/beauty to politics/worldly issues. This is such a light-hearted magazine that brings a richness to my life every month. I am a working woman and therefore I never get to watch The Oprah Show, so a subscription to her magazine is such a great alternative. Need I say more to convince you? Subscribe today!

Wonderful magazine - By Eileen


O magazine is a worthwhile investment at such a great price. I enjoy the fact that it offers insight on how to be the best version of yourself, rather than how to change into a different person. The layout is just gorgeous, and the magazine overall is a very entertaining, classy publication. O magazine gives you the opportunity to infuse all the greatness of Oprah into other aspects of your life and to enjoy her wisdom, elegance and heartfelt advice at your leisure and beyond the one-hour show. Furthermore, the service has been wonderful and I always get my magazine right on time. A subscription to O magazine makes for a simple yet pleasant addition and complement to your lifestyle.

Inspiration - By Roche


Thank you for surrounding yourself with good people to produce the magazine and the other help you give to so many people. Your inspiration is what I needed to write about my young married life to an Organic Chemistry Professor of a small school in a Mississippi Delta town. I want others to know that money does not inspire...that the love of parents and the opportunities given to children make them good citizens eager to learn. The magazine is so uplifting and so worthwhile. Thank you for all you do.

Dana Vigilante O Magazine Review - By Dana Vigilante


This is an excellent magazine that reaches a broad range of readers because of the various subjects that are touched upon within every issue. Focusing on readers from 30 - 60, the articles cover importants issues such as breast cancer, stem cell transplants and cardiac problems, as well as lighter issues such as fashion, beauty and food.

Excellent - By Rexanne


Oprah has had her fingers on the pulse of the "middle age" woman for years and her magazine speaks to this age group like none other, although there is plenty of great information for all ages. The content and articles are positive and uplifting. One of my favorites!

Always inspiring - By Jenna S


O The Oprah Magazine is an inspirational and insightful bouillabaisse of interesting and informative articles. She is the queen of doing it all and being able handle all things that come your way. This magazine gives the average person, aspiring to make their life better, a tool to examine all avenues that will lead to that end. Laden with well written articles that incite the reader to look at examples of what real people have accomplished and to believe that they can make fulfilling changes for themselves also.The Oprah name is what draws most women to read this magazine for the first time. The magazine content is what keeps them subscribing for I have.