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Other Sunset Reviews

Sunset Magazine - check this out! - By Scarlet007


I forgot to mention, if you're still not convinced, then visit their website at That will show you what we are all going on and on about. Just remember to get your subscription HERE, as it's much more reasonable, of course, plus the service at Magazine-Agent can't be beat!!! ENJOY!

The Very Best Ever = SUNSET - By Scarlet007


I've been subscribing to this magazine for about 20 years. It's helped me in every aspect, although I must admit, mostly in cooking. I've purchased most of their cookbooks and this I can promise you = if you like the recipe, just follow it exactly and it will come out perfect the very first time! I once did an Appetizer party using that cookbook, making a dozen things for the very first time. All my guests LOVED THEM. I have no fear of trying something unknown for a dinner party, if it comes from the Sunset kitchens, all is always better than well! Then, there is the gardening, anyone who loves to garden, should get their Sunset Western Garden Guide book!!! Tis the most comprehensive bible of ALL Plants and where they'll grow, even good for people back east. Each monthly issue is put out differently re gardening for different areas, such as Pacific NW, Hawaii, the desert (like Tucson, AZ) etc, etc, now, what other magazine does that????? That difference also extends to "what to do and see in your area this month" That's an awful lot of trouble to go to, just to make it more personal for each and every subscriber!!??? Plus, the decorating and building ideas, out of this world. One month, they featured a home where cats were beloved and the people had made all kinds of stairs and cat walks near the ceiling, carpeted and throughout their home. Completely wonderful! Sunset is always on the cutting edge and their expertise is unrivaled in the industry! No matter where you live, this Mag will brighten up your life and bring you a nicer home, fab garden and the aromas from your kitchen will have your family raving about your cooking skills. Now, who couldn't use that??? Try it, I promise you will wonder how you ever did without it! PS, I forgot to mention the photography, will take your breath away. Obviously, this is one of, if not the VERY BEST MAGAZINE EVER!!!******************

Perfect for the new westerner! - By Susan


I was born and raised on the East coast, and have lived in New York for the past 25 years. Recently, my family has been relocated to California due to my husband's career. My children, my husband, and I were all a little apprehensive about the huge change in lifestyle. My best friend ordered me a subscription to Sunset magazine as a going away gift, in order to help me adjust, and it has been so helpful! I love reading about what the West has to offer; such as travel and dining suggestions, and home decor. I look forward to Sunset coming in the mail every month, and gain some new perspective and information about my new home in every issue.

Good read for people with lots of interests - By Meghan


If you have a lot of interests and don't want a magazine that commits itself to one subject with a narrow focus, you'll LOVE Sunset. I subscribed when I moved to a different city in California and wanted to make the most of my life and new surroundings. I love the West coast lifestyle articles about dining and travel. Since much of my family live in different parts all over the state, we always talk about the articles and travel features. In this way Sunset makes for a nice way to connect us all. Whether you're interested in gardening, cooking, reading, entertaining, travel or home decorating, this magazine has what you're looking for and offers it in a way that is specific to you, your area, and your life. I don't know of any other magazine that does it quite like Sunset. And to top it off, I have found some of my all-time FAVORITE recipes in the Recipe Index. I've influenced friends and coworkers to subscribe and they have been nothing but thankful. So, if your interests fall in the mentioned categories I highly recommend you to subscribe!

A taste of western culture - By Honey Bee


Sunset magazine gives the reader a wonderful taste of life in Western America. Well written and extensively researched articles cover travel, lifestyles, home and garden and food in every issue.The photography of the homes and gardens are my favorite part of the magazine. I also refer to SM for ideas on decorating and design. In the travel articles I especially like how they find wonderful little hidden away places that you would never have known about, and tell you neat places to stay or get a bite to eat. The gardening section is a month by month must have if you happen to live in the West, they cover every aspect of taking great care of your garden and the photography is extremely inspiring. I want my garden to look like that! Even if you only by this magazine because you wish you could go to the west coast, it will be worth it. It brings the culture of the west to your door every month.