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Other Time Reviews

I still look forward to getting the magazine - By William M


This is my only newsweekly magazine, and I love it. Unbiased, brief, clear writing. Been a subscriber for 8 years.

A Highschool Student's Views - By AJ


Time Magizine isn't like other magazines, which usually just divulge into celebrity life and fashion. Time stayed with political news, and doesn't take sides. It present both sides of the issue equally, and unlike most of our news broadcasts, it isn't a liberal tainted report. Time occasionally reports about celebrity happenings, which I think is fine as long as it doesn't neglect it's news reporting. The celebrity reports are more to attract other readers, but it's main purpose is still politics and worldwide news. Time magazine isn't a sell out like others, and it will always have my subscription, and my respect.

Time is awesome - By Timer


Time is awesome!

Keeps you informed - By Carmen


If you want to stay up to date on all of the latest in national news, Time magazine is a great way to do it. It delivers all of the essential news in an interesting fashion. Articles boast great writing and journalistic integrity while also covering the latest Hollywood buzz, movie and book reviews and more. I love every issue of Time and prefer to stay informed by reading this magazine over other news sources and television. Time has unbiased, interesting material and has really continued to be such a great and trustworthy publication over the years.

If.... - By Shahid Hussein Qaboolpuria


If its in the world, its in the time.