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Other Woman's Day Reviews

I Love Womans Day!! - By kelly


I love this magazine,This is the only one I will buy and I actually always end up reading it 2 times.I love the Quotes,the jokes,recipes and the pages how to make money online.Anyways I just love it all!!!!

Great - By Alice


I have loved receiving Woman's Day in my home! Thanks for a great mag!

What a GREAT magazine! - By Andrea


I absolutely love this magazine. Full of great articles. I love the recipes! I got this magazine subscription as a gift and I have to renew it. I have 3 kids and not much time for myself. When this magazine comes in I can't wait to get the kids to bed and sit up and read it in peace and quiet. Very enjoyable! I look forward to it coming in the mail each month. It is definitely my favorite magazine. (I was very happy with the $5 off coupon for a Leapster game that came in last months issue. It was perfect timing because Toys R Us had them on sale for $18.49, so I got it for $13.49.)

No More To Wonder - By Daya


The economy is bad yes! I made a wise choice when I purchased Woman's Day. I was looking at my November issue and it hit me. In front of me was an answer to a question I didn't know how to answer. Where could I find coupons and save? This magazine is for everyone. I would even recommend it to men. Thank you Daya

Long Time Reader - By mensa63


I am 73 now and cannot remember a time there was not a Woman's Day in our home. It has taught me more about homemaking than any other magazine I have ever read and also much about life and relationships and I owe the publishers a vote of thanks for that. Thing I most like about Woman's Day is that is appeals to women of all ages and status in life. Even my 10 year old grand daughter keeps bugging me to hurry up and get through it so she can read it or if she gets it first she is on her cell relaying information to friends she has found in it and I have to wait my turn.

WOMAN'S DAY has so much valuable Information in it - By Teresa


I am a subscriber plus I sent it to my friend - I wanted to share what she said how great your mag. is and what it has done for her-please read below and please send this to your manager-this is how it helps the public - thank u so much-it starts now : You know in the latest issue of WOMANS DAY, there was an article about ovarian cancer. I was shocked that I have all the symptoms! I told my Dr. and had 4 different tests done today and the tech was really nice. She told me she wasent suppose to give me any diagnossis, but said there is a tumor on my right overy. She said to call my doctor Friday for results. She also said I have all the symptoms of ovatian cancer!!! I am so stessed and cant wait until Friday, but scared too. That magazine you sent me may save my life

Bible Verse - By Barb


I just want to commend you on having a bible verse in the front of your magazine. I am so pleased when I see that. In these days of keeping prayer out of the schools and other public places, it is so refreshing and comforting to open your magazine and see a bible verse in the front pages. Keep up the good work.

Magazine subscriptions - By KT


I am cutting down on the magazines I subscribe to because of the economy, But this is not one I will cut. What A good value and a wide variety of articles...health...food...family...romance...and great values to boot. That is something I can support and use!! KT

Great for the whole family - By Liz


Woman's Day magazine is unique in that it provides helpful and useful information for me and my whole family. I have been a dedicated subscriber to this woman's magazine for many years, and as I go through each issue I always note the articles and information that would be of interest to my husband, daughter, and son. Whether it be recipe ideas, fun travel suggestions, or parenting advice, I know that Woman's Day is always offering something of relevance and importance to a member of my family. Also, the Woman's Day holiday issues are the best (Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc...)! There are always unbeatable gift ideas and decorating tips.

My favorite!!! - By Denise


Woman's Day is my favorite woman's interest magazine! It never fails to fulfill all of my needs. Anything from career advice to just things around the house made easier, this magazine simplifies a day in the life of a woman. And every issue inspires me to appreciate the life that I have and make the most of it all! I don't know another magazine that caters to such a wide range of ages in women yet at the same time possesses such useful and meaningful content. I will continue to be a subscriber to this magazine so long as it never changes!

A great magazine for women of all ages! - By Dharma


This is a wonderful all round ladies magazine. It has decorating tips, health articles, recipes, women in the work place, and a ton of other information for ladies. If you have read Family Circle, this magazine is much like it. I buy them both and love them both.

No mom can be without this one! - By Anne


This magazine is simply a staple in the life of a busy mother! It contains interesting articles, health information, lots of fun cooking ideas you can complete with ( or without ) the kids, information on budgeting, vacations, and even organizing your home! Too much information to list, but this magazine is five stars and beyond.

Terrific! - By Katy C


I just love this magazine!! Usually something ( or several things ) on the cover will catch my eye. I had to start subscribing because I could not walk by it in the grocery store without buying it! It has lots of ideas for quick dinners, budgeting, organizing.. the list goes on and on. I just like to go to a quiet place and devour it page by page. Geared mostly to the mother on the run Women's Day has fantastic ideas to make our lives run smoothly and efficiently, and readers write in with their own tips that they have cultivated over the years. I wouldn't miss an issue! It's a terrific magazine!