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Art In America Magazine

Art in America, the world's premiere art magazine, is a fully illustrated fine arts journal designed for collectors, artists, dealers, art professionals and those interested in latest news in the art world. Each month provides in-depth coverage of the global, and often controversial, art scene. Every issue contains articles on both respected and rising talents, and reviews of current exhibitions around the world. Each subscription to Art in America includes the "Annual Guide to Museums, Galleries & Artists," published in August.

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The New Art in America - By Ohnoum


The December and January issues of your magazine are fabulous. The new layout and typeface, and I am thinking even the paper is choice. It is now reminiscent of what I remember of Modern Painters from their last issue in 2004 when they degraded into their own version of 'new and improved'. Up to that point I loved their magazine because of the variety of coverage including many references and articles from art history, not to mention what I thought was the ultimate in sensuality. No more. Art in America now has first place. I an a mostly 'non reading' art magazine artist/teacher. Now I even read. The articles are in non-elitist (see how many ultra intelligent obscure words I can impress you with) language. What a relief! I am happy! And am so thanking you!