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Catnip Newsletter

Brought to you by Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, Catnip is the quintessential magazine for cat lovers. This publication presents readers with a monthly report of the latest news and information on an array of topics, with a focus on diet and nutrition, health and behavior. With a monthly feature dedicated to reviewing cat products, cat owners can be sure that they are making the best decisions when it comes to purchasing food, toys and more. Catnip also aims to uncover products that you may have otherwise not known about. Edited for cat lovers who want to trust the information they're getting, the magazine features interesting, thought-provoking articles guided by cat experts and veterinarians. All in all, if you're a cat lover and want to provide the best for your feline friends, there's no better way to stay informed than by reading Catnip magazine.

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Great Info for Pet Owners and Professionals Alike - By Jonimac


I have subscribed to Catnip magazine for many years and give it as an annual Christmas gift to my sister who us also a cat lover. When I collect a year's worth of newsletters, I bring them to my Vet and offer them to the professional staff and their clients as available reading materials in their waiting room..

Publication Rating

Not To Be Missed - By Kissys Mom


My mother and I are both cat lovers. Both of us have been Catnip subscribers for several years. We've both found that the magazine is cover-to-cover informative, and the fact that there's no advertising is the clincher. We've both learned so much about our cats' behavior, as well as illnesses, from the pages of Catnip. A favorite part of the magazine for me is the write-up of new tried and true products which are really useful for cats, and are considered to be good values. Also, I always find myself turning to Catnip first. This publication is really a winner!

Publication Rating

Long-time subscriber - By Alicekathleen


I have read Catnip for years, and save many of the issues. The articles are factual, and deal with cats' physical and mental wellbeing. In addition, one can learn about the most recent discoveries in surgeries, preventive medicine, new toys and products, and musch more. Catnip belongs on every cat owner's coffee table!